OTEX Paint & Tools started its business in 1999. In its earliest formation, it was all about setting up a distribution business in order to perform day to day deliveries to OTEX customers and to integrate the business into the supply chain network of panel beating and spray painting goods.

Since 2003 the nature of the OTEX business has grown as it relocated to a larger warehouse situated in the western Sydney suburb of Clyde. Geographically positioned between Parramatta, Bankstown and the city, the location of the warehouse facilitates access to three high-density population areas of the major suburban regions in Sydney.

OTEX has realized that as a business-to-business (B2B) supplier, we must respond to changes in sales and consumer demand in a matter of hours instead of weeks (i.e. immediately) because a distributor must act promptly in order to satisfy the pressing needs of his customers.

B2B is no longer at heart a product company, but a service company that has a product offering” (Bill Gates).

During 2004, OTEX Paint & Tools began to face increasing competition in the Sydney market. As a result, OTEX changed the angle at which it approached the smash repairs industry and decided to concentrate more on the consumable products required during the process of spray painting. There is a vast range of consumable products available now under the OTEX label. The OTEX brand and logo has gradually become synonymous with the notion of ‘value for money’.

As of 2005, there are over fifty different items, both import and locally manufactured, promoted and sold under the OTEX label each year. OTEX customers are appreciated for their contribution to the continuing success of the OTEX brand. OTEX is keen to meet new and existing customers and deal with them on a personal basis. Ideally, it would like to get more customer feedback so that it can set about offering a series of custom-made products for its loyal regulars.